I’m a ballet dancer and an artist. I’ve been an artist almost all my life, both drawing and painting. I started out doing landscapes, seascapes and animal portraits in acrylics and oils. I later started to do ballet dancers, since I am a ballet dancer. My thought process was, since I’m always at the dance studio, I should be drawing and painting what I am doing and seeing. It’s something I love to do and why not learn to draw and paint dancers.  I also have included digital art in my repertoire of mediums of art.

I have a BA college degree in Social Sciences, from San Diego State College.  I’ve worked at several advertising agencies and publications as an artist in the past. I’ve shown my art at several art galleries and have a web site at www.cynthiasorensen.com


As a ballet dancer, I have been dancing ballet for most of my life. I’ve studied ballet with and performed at many locations throughout the Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara areas. Cynthia Sorensen has been an artist and a ballet dancer for the past 30 years. She has shown her paintings in numerous art galleries and interior design stores throughout the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas of Southern California. She has had many one-person art shows, among them Disney Studios in Burbank, and has been a member of various artists’ associations. She has also donated paintings to many charitable fund-raising events, including The Boys & Girls Club, AIDS and ballet companies’ auctions. Cynthia has first-hand knowledge of the ballet world through her own dancing, which is the inspiration for her ballet art work. She has also designed and painted stage backgrounds, designed greeting cards and t-shirts, designed and painted wall paintings, and worked for advertising agencies and publications as a graphic artist.

Cynthia’s ballet education and performances have been mostly in Southern California, ranging from Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles. She has performed in all of the cities listed above at various performances and has performed in New York City.

Among the collectors who have purchased paintings by Cynthia are the past Chairman of the Board of Walt Disney Productions, the past Vice President of Creative Development for Disney, the past Ambassador to Australia, and her paintings are in collections in Japan.


I hope that you enjoy my art. I enjoy doing both my art and my ballet…they are my passions in life. They fulfill me, bring me peace and give joy and purpose to my life. Time passes by very quickly when I am working on my art or in ballet class or exercising. I have had many nice comments as to how my work has influenced their lives. There are many artists and dancers who have influenced my work. Artists who have influence me and whom I would aspire to be like would be Monet, Degas, Michelangelo and Renoir.

My motivations for creating my art are both private and generous. The private part is I want to draw on my artistic talent to express myself, which gives me great joy. The generous part is I want to express and share the beauties of the earth and of people through my interpretations. My favorite subjects to draw and paint are ballet dancers, gardens, the ocean and animals. My art represents the things I find the most beautiful and moving in this world. I began my art career in my early years doing landscapes, seascapes, garden scenes, and animals, and have expanded my art to ballet dancers, since I am a ballet dancer myself. Since I have spent so much time in dance studios, I have found personal satisfaction drawing and painting them. The purpose of my ballet art is to represent the beauty, personal commitment, hard work, selflessness and dedication necessary to do what ballet dancers do.


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